Wednesday, September 2, 2009

कम खर्च में कुछ पोष्टिक व्यंजन बनाएं

पोष्टिक बर्फी

Wheat flour 150 gms
Bean 75 gms
Ground nuts 100 gms
Til 50 gms
Gur ( jaggery ) 200 gms
Ghee 150 gms

Method :
Roast wheat flour and besan in ghee till flavour comes.
Add gur and mix well, then add roasted til and roasted powdered ground nuts mix well and remove it from the fire.
Spread it on a greased plate and on cooling cut it into pieces.
Methi Muthia
Methi 100 gms
Wheat flour 150 gms
Besan 50 gms
Oil & mustard seeds 50 ml
Salt, red chilli powder, haldi and
dhania jeera powder to taste.

Method :
Chop methi and mix wheat flour besan and all the masala to wheat then add two tea spoon of foil and a little water and make a dough. Then prepare out of the dough. Steam them and cool them. Then cut in to pieces.
Temper with remaining oil and mustard seeds.
Palak Pakoras
Palak 100 gms
Chanadal 150 gms
Bread 25 gms
Onion, coriander leaves,
green chillies, salt, garam masala,
haldi powder, to taste.

Method :
Soak chana dal for 3-4 hours or cook it partially.

Wash and cut palak and steam it for 3-4 minutes ( without water ).
Soak the bread in water and squeeze it, chop the green chillies, coriander leaves and onion, grind together palak, bread and chana dal.
Add the onion and the masala and form it into shape of pakoras.
Shallow fry on tawa with sufficient oil.
Methi Balls
Methi (Fenugreek ) 100 gms
Besan 200 gms
Oil 40 ml
Salt, red chilli powder,
haldi powder and sugar to taste,
jeera fpr tempering.

Method :
Cut methi, mix besan and all other ingredients except jeera and two teaspoon of oil. Make balls of the mixture.
Heat two tea spoon of oil in a vessel add jeera and then the balls. Cook it till the balls turn slightly reddish in colour.