Friday, June 25, 2010


My daughter had to go to receive her award for her poem to Kolkata last week, and invited me to go with her. Even though it was cold, we had a great time!

We stayed at the beautiful bhartiya bhasha prisad building at Shakespeare sarni, a beautiful stay.

She was invited by the management com mete to receive her award at

for her poem published in "vagarth"see the link

She won prize for her poem "puliya par mochi"

Several time see requested me to interview that cobbler she used to visit daily on her way to school when she was a kid and later on way to her college too, mending shoes under a tree, sitting on a very sorry state.

At last(several years waiting, from my side) she wrote a poem considering that cobbler and won award for the poem!

my daughter on dice at stage..

again on stage with co- winners and writers..

when free we visited Victoria Memorial. with all her co writers and winners of award for their poems too...

Victoria Memoriall..

The building Victoria is 184 feet high. The groups of figures above the north porch represent motherhood, prudence and learning. Surrounding the main dome are figures of art, architecture, justice ( The British Type) and charity.

The memorial is situated on 64 acres of land with the building covering 338 feet by 228 feet. Inside memorial one can get glimpse of priceless paintings, B and W photographs, arms, old books and manuscripts( Photography inside is not allowed)….

We had only one day at our disposable and we made it memorable.....

wish all should have the opportunity like this...I'm proud of my daughter!

Happy Day !