Saturday, September 25, 2010

Patio curtains!

Open space treatment….that I did….
I finished off my patio curtains yesterday—the curtains started last year, when I bought the fabric from Chandigarh. I make the top of them with decorative buttons. I decided on golden buttons to match the navy blue curtains close by, and have stitched folded flaps to string in the curtain rod. I’m very pleased with the end result which is in the photos in this post .

Although it did take its own sweet time to complete, I now have patio curtains that give me sweet satisfaction of a home seamstress and make me smile when I see them.

When the women from our NGO’s sewing school visited our house, they ask for tutorial for the curtains I made they love it; they kick the idea of curtains without rings. They feel rings on curtains are a mess, every now and then they unravel, broken out or anything. They adore the idea of flaps in curtain rod. I promised them for a tutorial……

Next .....

Curtain making tutorials। It does my heart good to see generosity and kindness in others but I feel a bit embarrassed to receive gifts for something I love doing and feel is one of my duties to continue with, I think we should all share what we know with others so we keep the skills of simple living alive and know we aren’t alone in our own endeavors.
Happy sewing!