Monday, November 29, 2010

गावँ घर कि कुछ बातें!

कल हम हांसी के पास अपने गाँव गये और अपने घर को सम्भाला
देखिये घर का उपरी हिस्सा, इसे नानू ने पुरानी हवेली गिरवा कर बनवाया था। नानू ने इस भव्य इमारत को एसा मजबूत बनवाया था कि आज भी कहीं किसी कोने को झड़ा हुआ नहीं देखा जा सकता.

नीचे आँगन के ऊपर यह लोहे का जाल.
नीचे बेरों का बाग़
पहले यहाँ अमरुद, माल्टे, आडू भी हुआ करते थे, नानू ने एक बार अंगूर भी लगाये थे जो कामयाब नहीं हुए थे.

बावजी के गुजरने के बाद हमारा बाग़ में जाने का यह पहला मौक़ा है, बाग़ काफी खस्ता हाल में ही.
यह सामने फार्म हाउस था, जिसके सामने कभी गोबर-गैस प्लांट था और बाजू में कोल्हू था जिसमें गुड बनाया जाता था नानू खाने वाला गुड(खुद्दा) बड़ी मात्रा में बनवाते थे जिसमें बादाम, नारियल डलवाते थे, सामने कुछ बादाम के पेड़ भी थे
यह सामने रास्ते के आजू-बाजू दो आम के पेड़ हैं.
ऊपर मेरे नानू भाषण देते हुए, साथ में हाथ पर पट्टी बांधे चौधरी सूरजमल( उस समय पंजाब विधानसभा में मंत्री) बैठे हैं.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

lunch box tote 4

Carrier-watch, some days remaining: I’ve finished the hull and the strap. Still to do: that carrier needs a roof………

Yes the real roof with some sort of opening so the lunch-box can be pulled in and out . I’m thinking of a string…
Happy crocheting!

Christmas Lights Gone Wild

क्रिशमिस के लिये कुछ ख़ास व्यंजन......

मैं यहाँ पर मेरे द्वारा बनाये और लिखे कुछ व्यंजन जो कि बच्चों के पसंदीदा हैं
यहाँ दे रही हूँ...
क्रिशमिस पर इन्हें बनाइए खाईये, खिलाइए ऑर भेंट कीजिये
यह व्यंजन विधियाँ दिसंबर २००२ वुमंस ईरा मैं छपीं थीं
जिसका कवर पेज की फोटो नीचे है...


A unique experience. Children are very fond of toffee & were least favour sweets. Celebrate this diwali with preparation for children.


Granulated sugar 225 gram

Cocoa powder 4 tablespoonfuls

Butter 2 tablespoonfuls

Golden syrup (Dabur honey) tablespoonfuls

Unsweetened condensed milk Small tin

Vanilla essence ½ teaspoonful

Blend the cocoa with the condensed milk to a smooth paste and gradually to the melted butter in a smaller bright saucepan. Add the sugar and syrup, and stir while the mixture boils up. Allow it to boil until a little lump dropped into cold water hardens to the desired consistency. Add the vanilla essence to the mass, beat it up well, and then put it into a thali lined with waxed paper to set.


Sugar (white) 225gram

Sugar (brown canesugar) 225gram

Glucose 125gram


Almonds (blanched,skinned and neatly cut) 125 gram


Lemon few drops

Almonds (blanched,skinned and neatly cut) 125 gram

Put sugar (brown&white) water in a saucepan, melt on slow fire add butter. Boil the mixture, remove the pan from the heat, and add the almonds. Stir gently. Place over the heat again for a few minutes add the lemon, and pour in a greased thali. Mark the toffee into bars with oiled knife cut into bars.


Desiccated coconut 2 tablespoonfuls

White fine (ground sugar) 600gram

Golden syrup (Dabur honey) 1 tablespoonful

Milk 1 tablespoonful

Vanilla essence ½ teaspoonful

Put butter in a saucepan, add to it when it is melted add golden syrup, and milk. When these are add fine sugar and desiccated coconut. Stir frequently and boil the mixture fast until it candies and grains well on the sides of the pan. Stir in a vanilla essence, and pour it out into an greased tin. Leave it until cold and cut it up.


Sugar (white) 250 gram

Sugar (brown cane sugar ) 50 gram

Glucose 50 gram

Fresh butter 50 gram

Milk 150 gram

Oil of lemon 2 drops

Salt a pinch

Melt the sugar, glucose and milk in a large pan, then place it over gentle heat, add the butter, and boil it. Stir in salt and oil of lemon very gently and pour the toffee into greased tins or thalis. Brush with ghee,free from rancidity.


Sugar 2oo gram

Fresh milk 10 gm

cream of tarter a pinch

lemon essence few drops

lemon juice few drops

Place sugar into a saucepan contained fresh milk. Heat slowly and stir occasionally till the sugar has melted. Add a pinch of cream of tartar, and fresh butter, small pieces at a time. Boil the mixture until it is a light coffee coour, drop a little of it into very cold water, and leave it a few seconds.

Take out the little lump, and, if it is a quite brittle, add a few drops of essence of lemon and lemon-juice, and pour the mixture at once into greased tin or plates to the depth of a i/4 inch. When it is nearly cold, cut it into oblong-shaped pieces, as shown in this picture. If to be stored in a tin first wrap each piece in a wx paper, and then in tin foil. Keep the toffee in a cool, dry place.


Brown cane sugaar 200gram

Ground ginger one teaspoonful

White vineger 75 gram

Lump of butter 25 gram

Mix in a saucepan brown cane sugar, ground ginger, and add white veneer and the lump of butter. Put the mixture on the pan of boiling water until the sugar has melted then boil them up on fire and continue boiling until the toffee snaps when a little of it is dropped into cold water. Pour the toffee into oiled tins, and let it harden.


Sugar (white) 200gram

Water 35 gram

Honey 100gram

Butter 100 gram

Cream 1 tablespoon

Glucose ½ dessertspoonful

Melt sugar in water when it is on the point of boiling, add glucose, honey & butter, and cream. Boil the whole mixture stirring all the time; then pour it on a buttered thali or plate, and when cold break it up. Wrap toffee in waxed papers tewisted slightly at both ends, and store in a tin.

बनाइए और लिखिए कैसे लगे।
शब्बा खैर!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am in WE November2nd 2010

On request of Editor WE as fallows..

Dear writer,

Since its first issue, Woman’s Era has made its mark among its readers because it has catered to all tastes of women of all ages. Lately, our writers’ contributions have tended to be aimed at the elderly. To set this perception at rest, we would like more articles addressing the problems, pursuits and passions of those in the 14 to 22 age-group.

What moves and shakes them? What are their fads and fancies? Their plans, pastimes, possessions… if you just sat down and thought of the myriad options that would come to your minds, each of you could come up with at least a couple of interesting articles to entertain our readers.

I submitted my article which is ……published in this …१

Google generation------my perceptions

The “Google generation” is a popular phrase that refers to a generation of young people, born after 1993, which is growing up in a world dominated by the internet. Again terms such as “Digital Kids”, Digital Natives” and Digital Immigrants” have been bandied around for the last few years in an attempt to distinguish people who are comfortably using Internet, and web 2.0 solutions, from the rest of us.

Younger generation is smarter than their parents

I personally feel that younger generation are smarter than their parents, they act, learn and react faster than what we used to do in our olden times....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just sneak peek of वे!

I was asked by the Editor WE to write something for festivals of India. I was somewhat overloaded and


able to wrote any….and the magazine came out without ….my name in the content page….so ……………what …..Rest will be in the next…..

Here are some Yammy ………

My daughter in red reversible saree from America,on her sir’s marriage at Mujjafarpur,UP

शबब खैर!