Tuesday, February 28, 2012


आज मैंने सोयाबीन को धो कर सुखाया
इससे इनका छिलका थोड़ा ढीला पड़ जाता है सोयाबीन के खाने में एक ही दिक्कत है कि इसका छिलका सेहत के लिये ठीक नहीं है॥
तो फ़िर देरी किस चीज की आप भी इसे धो कर सुखाएं फ़िर .थोडा--थोड़ा कर मिक्सी में डाल दल लें (छोट-छोटे
टूकड़े कर लें ) फ़िर इन छिलकों को से फटकार लें ..और फ़िर इस सोयाबीन दाळ को दूसरे आनाजों के साथ
मिला कर पसवा लें....

धो - कर सुखाये गए सोयाबीन ..साथ में जवार भी सुख रही है... इस छिलके को गाय को खिला दें...
छिलके भारी कटोरी

फ़िर आज माने यहअच्छी सी साईट देखी, पढी और इसे यहाँ सहेजा
इसे पढ़ें और जाने इस होशियार महिला के गुण

शब्बा खैर!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

old+old= NEW

inspired by an intelligent lady on her blog i dug out my jute cross stitch calendar i made when my children were small......sssssmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaal kids.

there are fairies with colorful balloons flying high in the sky........they are holding strings of balloons ,..........very tightly in their hands

calendar stitched with black floss

under the words calendar there are three holes for day-month –and yera

i stenstilled the days months of the year and the year on the ribbons which were joined into a ring ...my daughter and son got exited to rool the ribbon for the day ......every day to appear on the calander and once for a new month.....and so on........now they are grown up.............and the calander is not in use for many yyyyyyyeaaarsssssss.it was placed in our box for aaaaaaaaaaaaaalong.

Now i will make use of it.

I will mount it on the braid foot-mat placed at the back yard in my house.......

there are peacocks facing each other

a lamp in blue

a fine border(sorry for the blurry picture)

i love this calendar a lot that’s why it was protected in my nest

now i will use it to give a new lease of life to my foot mat which is looking shabby .but protected at the back with a burlap.i will frog the burlap mount the calendar on it and .will replace ......join the backing again on the right side..........let see how it will be...........the old+old= to.....OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKK!

my inspiration IsHERE