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Everyone knows the benefits of sunshine: it gives you the moral and stimulates the production of vitamin D. But beware, summer and winter, the sun is a false friend. Indeed, it is dangerous for your skin. Apart from the accelerated aging of the skin, repeated and excessive sun exposure, especially among younger people, can cause skin cancers such as carcinomas often mild and melanomas that are the deadliest cancers.
When I walk into the sunscreen aisle I always feel bit overwhelmed. So many numbers, so many acronyms (SPF, UVA, UVB,WTF?!), and so not sure what to look for… I figured many of you might feel the same way so I did a little research and put together this simple, no-brainer guide about SPF. While involved intensively in research my grandma scolded me……..What are you doing lil? I’m waiting for you for the evening walk. I just pack-up  my work and accompany my grandma for walk, while my mind was wandering with the idea of SPF and the things I want to share in WE.My grandma was telling me how they used to protected their faces using cotton cloth as veils on their faces etc.etc.
After half an hour of walk I was again indulged in my work………..

Any how as far as we people nowadays are concerned, aside from using retinoid creams and topical antioxidants, sunscreen is the most powerful ammo us to have against wrinkles and rough skin. While it’s smart to wear sunscreen when you know you’ll be outdoors (  shopping, brunching, what have you), it’s still important to wear it every day, even if you’re going to be indoors–no exceptions. Rain or shine, summer or winter, SPF is a must.
Over 80% of the signs of skin aging (such as pigmentation spots, wrinkles and sagging of our skin) are caused by UV rays. Effective protection against UVA and UVB radiation is particularly important to protect our skin. This is why the   Day Cream contains a sun protection factor of SPF 15 (SPF 15).
The sun protection factor indicates the number of times that we can multiply the amount of time we do not catch sunburn. When we expose ourselves to the sun without protection, we take a sunburn after a while. Depending on the skin type, this can vary between 5 and 30 minutes. Multiplying the sun protection factor (SPF) by the self-protection time, we can calculate how much time can extend our exposure before the onset of a sunburn. For example, with a self-protection time of 10 minutes and an SPF 15, we can stay 150 min = 2:30 in the the sun.
Okay so enough about SPFand when to wear it. Let’s talk shop about picking the right SPF and how to wear it.
Most of us would think that the higher the SPF number, the better. Right? Wrong. Without going into too much detail, the SPF number is simply a standard for how long you can tolerate the sun without burning. So if you can stay in the sun for 10 minutes without burning, an SPF of 15 would allow you to spend 150 minutes in the sun before burning. It’s all very confusing. But the bottom line here is that anything over SPF 30 isn’t going to protect your any better. The numbers are based on time spent in the sun, which is why reapplication is essential. Also, for those of you who think that layering on SPF 15 over your SPF 10 will give the protection of SPF 25–think again. Layering does not increase the SPF. I suppose the only benefit is that it ensures that every area is covered. Ideally, you should wear SPF 30 or greater according to the American Academy of Dermatology.
Bottom line: Wear SPF 30 with broad-spectrum UVA/ UVB protection. Apply it to your face, neck and hands every single day and smother it onto your body when you are going to be outdoors in the sun.
Here are  some simple actions to reduce the risk of skin damage  due to UV:
Seek shade: under a tree or an umbrella while UV are not blocked completely
Check the UV index for the day: in terms you can modify your activities outdoors and choose a suitable sunscreen
Wear protective clothing: always a dress  to critical and even swimming hours, there are also anti-UV clothes.
Wear UV sunglasses preferably with side panels: UV rays are also damaging your eyes.
Wear a cotton wrap ,chunni cap or a hat: the goal is to protect your scalp, your face, and your neck.
Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 at least: to renew every two hours in quantity all over the body and choose a cream resistant to water.
 Double your vigilance for babies and young children: always in the shade their skin is more sensitive!
Moreover, we can only advise you to conduct regular self examinations by scanning your entire body to see if a mole has not changed or a new has appeared. Also, go at least once a year at your dermatologist to perform screening is the only professional who can tell you if your skin lesions are benign or malignant.
Our body reflects our state of physical and mental health, so it is important to have good food habits. If your metabolism is working well your nails, your hair and your skin will look marvelous. Indeed, they are renewed quickly enough and a change in your diet will have a rapid effect on their appearances.
Our hair grows in a precise cyclical and periodic rhythm, which varies depending on several characteristics such as heredity, age, or the individual seasons. In women the cycle time of a human hair is about 5 years, unlike humans where the duration is 3 years. Regarding our nails and in particular those of our hands, they put six months to grow back completely, while our toenails, them, put 1 year!
As to our skin, it naturally replenished after 4 to 6 weeks, dead cells are removed by sweat and sebum. The latter is an oily or waxy material secreted by the sebaceous glands, which prevents drying of the skin, and lubricates the hair and hair.
Protein: Skin, hair and nails consist mainly of a protein called keratin, it is important to consume the necessary amount of good quality protein, rich in sulfur amino acids that are found in meat. It also contains iron, which is essential for tissue oxygenation and hair roots. For example, more anemic women lose their hair.
 Essential fatty acids The nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) are rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, minerals, and trace elements such as zinc, which aids healing.
 Anti oxidants Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti oxidants that are intended to protect cells from external aggression, are also well supplied with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And the star vegetable is good on the carrot is the richest food in beta-carotene, which stimulates the production of melanin, which gives color to the skin.

No need to spread moisturizer if you are dehydrated and dried from the inside, the only solution is to drink water!


Calendar for this year, My Inspiration today

Ponderings is the juncture of my personal musings and cyberspace. As a woman of a certain age, I find that I have many things to PONDER, some serious, some beautiful, some inspiring, some practical, and some that make me giggle. Join me on the journey...
our calender this yearCalender
While doing Holi    cleaning with my daughters i found this amazing cross stitch jute clander. It was so attractive I really wanted to use it in my decor(is foot rug a decor?! or utility article/! A necessity!!!

New calender for this year  

 I got a shiny new toy over the weekend!

I decided to branch out a little and try a perpetual calendar. In theory, I could use the same template again next year because I don't have to worry about the days of the week--numbers only. This design is good for keeping track of birthdays and other major events (which is what this one is for), but maybe not everyday stuff since you don't have the days to double-check.

As you can see, I stopped at March. Neither of us has used this kind of calendar before, so I'm seeing how it goes before I bust out all 12 months. No need to jump the gun and have to re-do it in three weeks because I get freaked out by seeing less information.
As you can see, there are three holes  sith horizental slits above and below the buttonwholed squares three buttonwhole’d squares are to insert ribons  for days of week,days of month, and for the year

If you slacked like me and still don't have a calendar, it's super easy to make your own version. All I did was print the numbers onto ribons for the days,months and year, andinsert them in places for days,months and year tie them togethereach of them like a loop with really a strong fabric glue.

Did you make your own calendar this year? Or get a new printer? I didn't realize this one would be so huge! It takes up 75% of my shelf...

My Inspiration today 

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SAPP i.e share a past project!!!

Yes the abbreviation is coded for share the past project coined by someone in a blog!!
sorry!I forgot to bookmark that blog but remember the words it created for......

I think sharing ones past project is a token toward sharing parts of ourselves, i.e what was in one’s roots. since blogging is a recent transaction thingy and its one of the tenets is sharing one’s own self, a knowing of other’s a getting-to-know-one-another phylosophy.

The dress my daughter is modelling was my first article in the manorama-hindi-magazin ”.I made this back in 1987 sometime,and it got published in July 1988 on page #110. There was a regular column Chinta kis baat ki? (why worry?) where I wrote about the solution when the dress got burning spots during ironing.

The top my daughter wore, was my kamiz of Shalwar_kameez suit which was burnt during ironing. i selvedged the perfect parts of the shirt and mold into a top for my daughter.since the nevy blue skirt was her school uniform, I added the bias binding on the side seams …to match with the top and to hde the seams…also I attached 2 inch wide strap of the same fabric on the bottom hem of the skirt …….and the skirt served dual functions a uniform for school from right and a casual dress at the reverse side? Isn’t it the intelligent use of something worth zunk ……..and something durable but can be used for short time …as the children are growing out for their respective dresses. I scanned the photo form my shoe-box which is still filled with several old photos…waiting to be scanned/preserved!!

Please ignore the white ugly spots on the skirt.......No....NNNOOOOOOOO..these were not on the skirt.......these are of old......... .somehow..................... forgotten box of old photographs stacked in shoe-box..........forgotten........ uncured.............

here is my USHA JANOME with several features........

i will fallow this video for embriodery with my newly bought machine............

Today's Quote....

Every man’s memory is his private literature.

--------------Aldous Huxley

Happy sewing!!!

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Previous another twig deco....

Have a LOOK

sorry for the dim fotos.......
Yes these are with my mobile and with little sunlight................
Now with my newly created Yarn Stack i will make THIS
Have a Try!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twigs+yarn+ your time+beautiful deco

this twig deco will took your time only......

these colourful twigs sit in the handmade up-cycled basket....matching the pinches of colours of burlap twine wrap....again the basket is placed on braided reused chunni table mat...
close up
looking beautiful against the ivory tiled wall....
what a cheer-up sight? isn't it?
perfect match near my son's couch cover..........

i will recite the whole story of these twigs in the posts to come.....til then have a look HERE
Happy creativity!!!

Machine cover converted into craft box

I bought this sewing machine i was badly in need) from Sarojini Nagar market, Delhi...
see the previous post HERE

i shop to utilize the box it came with to make this.........
this is zipped box to stack my crafty things, its lined with the same fabric as on roof (cover)
previously the inside lining with casing and a string with small fabric balls at the end to tie the lining outside the box was sewed....

later ...........on.........i decided to alter it shown in the picture below

since the fabric shopped was 2 meter i left with some fabric worth to make apron like

THIS i will post the apron in line to be Swed...............very sooon!!!!

Happy recycling!

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HAND EMBROIDERY FROM SADALAS: TAST2012 Week6 Chevron Stitch: I must thank Sharon for running this stitch challenge.Since very long I was thinking to try each and every stitch from her stitch directory ...

cute slippers for cute niece

i bought these beautiful slippers for my niece

i purchased them from Dilli Haat a very beautiful spot to have things from different states.............
the above pair is latest one.........
the slippers above i bought a few months back........
both of them are anew!!! my niece says these are not worth for walking comfortably

i made the mixed vegetable pickle last Sunday..very yummy!!!! as per my niece........thank God!!!!!!! otherwise it will be only me to feast upon the pickle!!!!!!!!!! my son and mom seldom need any pickle!!!!!!!!!!
.i will post the recipe in the times to come!!!!!!!! Now i am making these for my niece.
Happy day!!!!!

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Martyrdom Day and Vikram_Samvat 2069

my computer was not on working order since last 2-3 days, so i am posting the poem my daughter wrote .....on Shaeed Bhagat Singh.......on 23rd march also new Vikram_Samvat 2069 will be observed on Hindu calender from 23rd march 2012

शहीद-आज़म के नाम एक कविता

उस वक़्त भी होंगे तुम्हारी बेचैन करवटों के बरक्स

चैन से सोने वाले
आज भी बिलों में कुलबुलाते हैं
तुम्हारी जुनून मिजाज़ी को "खून की गर्मी कहने वाले

तुमने भी तो दुनिया को बिना परखे ही जान लिया होगा

कई लंगोटिए यार तुम्हारी उठा-पटक से
परेशान हो

कहीं दूर छिटक गए होंगे

तुम्हारी भीगी मसों की गर्म तासीर से

शीशमहलों में रहने वालों की

दही जम जाया करती होगी

दिमागी नसों की कुण्डी खोले बिना ही तुम
समझ गए होगे कि
इन्सान- इन्सान में जमीन आसमान जितना असीम
फर्क भी हो सकता है

अपने चारों ओर बंधी बेड़ियों
के भार को संभालते हुए
कोयले से जो लिखा होगा तुमने

उसे पढ़
कईयों ने जानबूझ कर अनजान बन

अपनी गर्दन घुमा ली होगा
कई ठूंठ बन गए होंगे और
कई बहरे, काने और लंगडे बन

अपनी बेबसियों का बखान करने लगें होंगे

परेशान आज भी बहुत है दुनिया,
ज़रा सा कुरेदने पर

लहू के आंसूओं की

खड़ी नदियाँ बहा सकती है
पर क्रांति की बात दूसरी-तीसरी है

जनेऊ अब भी खीज में उतार दे कोई
पर वह बात नहीं बनती
जो मसीहाई की गली की ओर मुडती हो

क्रांति बोल-वचन का मीठा और सूफियाना मुहावरा बन
कईयों के सर पर चढ

आज भी बेलगाम हो

भिनभिनाता है

लहू में पंगे शेरे-पंजाब की

दिलावरी को याद करने के लिए
पंजों के बल खडे होना पड़ता है

हमारी तो शुरुआ़त ही लड़खडाने से होती है

हम हर पन्ने को शुरू से लेकर अंत तक ते हैं
लकीर को लकीर ही कहते है

रटे-रटाये प्रश्नों के बीच आये

एक टेढे प्रश्न को बीच में ही छोड़

भाग खडे होते हैं

जब क्रांति का अर्थ समझने के लिए इतिहास की पुस्तके उठाते हैं

और सिर्फ उनकी धुल ही झडती है हमसे

हमारे समझने बूझने का

पिरामिड अब इतना बौना हो गया है
कि मारी मुंडी क्रांति की चौखट से

see the link for its publication...

for my inspirational blog today this link.........Musings in the moment

Happy day!!!