Monday, December 16, 2013

Mini break to mohali

mini break. Mohali,Chandigarh. minervaacademy, guava orchard, picturesque village, fields and car riding. That will be a blast so I'll see you all when We come back. 

Until then - Bon Weekend!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hot for cold, International Color Crochet --- visual feast!

 Hot for cold
I'm having a great time perusing Pinterest these days.
Now it is cold and that draws me to the kitchen and the cooking counter at stove. I love how images can bring you to new taste and flavor sensations. And I am totally in love with this recipe of hot chillies: 

 Pickled Peppers by

dish of peppers 

i love to have these with my Bajra rotti. Also my son is  great lover of them .........

 International Color Crochet --- visual feast!

Bon apatite! and Happy crocheting!

Friday, December 6, 2013


A young Indian woman sitting near a river in the forest, gracefully plays the veena, an instrument similar to the sitar and bestows her love towards mother nature’s creatures. Add a vision of unconditional love towards mother nature and its creatures.

Looking up into the night sky, Krishna blows into a conch creating sounds of harmony as birds fly gracefully above him. His maid protects him holding an umbrella over his head and Radha watches him as the soothing sound permeates into the universe.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Upcycled coasters

I found the DIY Loom Box from Green Issues by Agy to be a nifty little treasure that I just have to give a whirl.  I can't wait to whip up some T-shirt yarn coasters!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Around Delhi: Sancha-tea-shop

The office of Hans in Daryaganj always kept its doors open for new writers,that’s why my daughter is regular visitor of dariyaganj since long. Along with her literary interests old Delhi's mystical charm draws her to the kuchas and gallis of this part, time and again. As per her interest and on her friend Gogi Saroj Pal ’s advice she dug another gem. A different one from the chaat, kheer or the bedmi puri kinds. She’s been visiting Aap ki Pasand tea boutique by San-cha since a few years.

Darjeeling Black Tea served here is homegrown and speaks volumes of the city's rich tea heritage. It's refreshing to see   a brave local businessman Mr Sanjay Kapur who's company Sancha offers over 35 successful SKUs which include unique single estate teas and blends of Indian varietal teas & teas with natural spices/herbs.
 Aap Ki Pasand has built its worldwide reputation as exporters of fresh teas through skill sets that enable the team of tea tasters to choose the finest teas from selected tea gardens  of Darjeeling that have a longer shelf life. Darjeeling,  a city whose heritage is strongly identified with tea farming, trade and export.

There is no real evidence that signifies green tea to be better than black. In fact, Sancha's First Flush Darjeeling Black Tea selection which Mr Kapur describes as world's finest Darjeeling cuppa is very high in anti oxidants. It turns out that the PM took this tea as the Indian State's Gift to the Emperor of Japan early this year.
I also happened to visit the tea boutique with my daughter. I tasted the jasmine tea, the ginger tea with sugar. On Nov 19 this year my sis (she had an appointment with  Chaudhary Eye Center here) accompanied me at Sancha. She tasted green tea, first time here.  And she is certainly going back for more.

Lace Tablecloths

Earlier this year, I had to make a quick trip to Delhi and I managed to sneak out from the Ngo’s work schedule and buy some nice lace table cloths. They're nothing exotic nor valuable; in fact, I think they're some inexpensive, romantic garden stuffs but they look gorgeous in the HOME too.

They have coordinated patterns (in this case, flowers) its self print; I have another set with geometric designs (not in the photo), in the same color. Two ends are fringed, while the long sides have a jagged pattern on its senepa.
Any how I wanted a beautiful tablecloth a sheer romantic lace one for a long time and now I have it. In my mind, these tablecloths look better when we set the table in the garden, with warm weather and the sun shining..