Thursday, January 17, 2013

Its rainning

A sarson field in bloom.
Sarson in bloom

it’s raining since yesterday morning and this is very beneficial for the sarsov, taramira and wheat crops…………..these crops can be protected from the ill effects of cold/winter season..even we human beings can bear the cold season …without its ill effects…….in Haryana colloquial pharse used ib jaadaa seda koni ईब   जाडा सेदै कोनी

Its raining........rather.drizz........

This morning due to drizzling I cancelled my morning walk and employed myself in copying some patriotic songs etc., the morning being extremely wet. When the weather cleared up I travelled to the Ashram Road….
the bold text is from my yesterday.s post on my another blog Here
शबबा खैर !


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