Thursday, January 3, 2013

new Crochet stitches-The EASY Way

I love learning new stitches and seeing the different textures I get out of them. It is like adding a new pallet to my design box.

Larksfoot Stitch- this is an interesting stitch that creates movement if done in varying colors.

Siberian Stitch this makes a VERY thick and warm fabric

Fanfare Stitch- - this is a nice open stitch with some of the same wave motion that shells give.

Lace Ripple- This also makes a wonderful edging. I used it on an afghan of a dolphin I made. It added some wave like movement to the project.

Crunch Texture this has a look almost like knitted cables

Fanciful Stitch kind of like the Fanfare, but looks lighter. I think this would make a beautiful afghan.
Jacob's Ladder- video tutorial for this stitch

Solomon's Knot I love this open stitch. It is meant to represent the three-fold cord that is mentioned in the Bible that is the perfect marriage bond- husband, wife, and Jehovah God..

Bullion Stitch in 19 steps, with pictures



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