Monday, September 9, 2013

Pot holders, my front yard.


 With Chunky or Bulky yarn & size I/J hook
ch 26
1- sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across (25), work down opposite side of ch (do not increase in the corner) put a sc in each ch across. do not join (50 total sc)

Then continue to work in each sc around until the square begins to fold in on itself forming a 'hotpad'. (It will look like a bag or pouch by now).This will be about 10 rows for the chunky/bulky yarn. On one end I chain 6 to form a loop to hang it with. This is completely optional. Then when the edges meet together nicely without puckering or pulling..I simply whipstitch the edge together and Voila! you have a potholder!

 Ch 36
1- sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across (35), working on the opposite side of the ch (do not increase in the corner) sc in each ch. do not join. (70 total sc).

Then repeat as for the Bulky/chunky pattern. This will go for approx 30-35 rows. It always ends up different for me..(don't ask me why..but it is the bane of my existence) Do the same for the loop and assembly.

my front yard

After a full day of doing this and that, I usually go out on the patio i.e. in our front yard and relax with a tall glass of hot tea and my project in hand. I sit in a comfortable chair and admire the hanging plants, backlit by the late afternoon sun, and enhanced by the dark trees in the front. I’ve always wanted to yarn bomb that tree, but by that point in the day, I’m just too tired to pull out my crochet again. Eventually I did get around to yarn bomb some of my potted plants, as you can see!


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