Thursday, September 19, 2013

My open space in front of my house, and Knit with me

My daughter pulverizing the pot soil 
 I have a very wast park and a  huge space outside my house I termed it my front yard. 
So thought of one more bird bath. I had a bird bath on the pillar placed between the small pots with seedlings  and here is a glimpse...

Usually I used to put it on the corner of the park too. which is across the road from my balcony, but it got lost frequently. 

 I was sooo inspired with my  greenery  while sitting in patio with my MOM,and chirping birds  that could not resist myself from keeping another one for the little angels....I hope they enjoy it.

Lacy Knit Market Bag

this is  lacy-knit-market-bag  
click the link above and knit with me this is gorgeous!


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