Thursday, September 19, 2013

My new ripple,moods of dinning table

Here’s a picture of my ripple bolster.  I started it with great enthusiasm, along with a few other projects.  I really like it and am looking forward to working on it again, probably this month itself.  I can warm my arms and work on it at the same time when the cool crisp weather begins.  Hope I can get it finished this year.

This one is a little bit harder than my first one with many ..stitches in a row.  For that one I used to name the big blanket and that pattern which gave me a lot of confidence-maybe too much. When I started may big blanket  I don’t know how to describe the pattern in crochet terms and the earlier one too without the pattern name but I have to alternate colors at times crocheting over the strand of color not being used.  I did really fed up with this one, instead it is very shorter then the above huge one.....the problem is that I am doing the new one with different pattern! yes!!! I am doing the single crochet for   each second row ! 

Plaid cover on the dinning table

what is this?

Me and my daughter just look at my hair

Plaid shirt of my daughter

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