Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I bought ....Painted Terra cota clay pots

A small square basket . I thought the pattern was beautiful. i use it to hold tot bits of the almirah. while purchasing i had in mind that i will keep my phone and charger etc in it, so they will be  always at the same place and I don’t have to look for...but have a look. I really heart its two small handles.

Clay Terra cota painted pots
Painted Terra cota clay  pots
I had these basic terracotta clay pots for flowers. I’m not really into orange so I decided to paint them.
I hand  painted the insides and the outsides with the same paint  I used in my floating vase
I think it looks pretty nice. the scarfs on the necks muted with a pop of colour.
I've used them for a while now, hence the  dusty looks.
A very fast and easy project.


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