Friday, January 24, 2014

Knitting at the dawn,Weather this month

Here I am knitted my shawl that was
up on needles since 2011.
else in the house – knitting a lacy shawl.  I’m feeling as though getting
up early to knit this lace is the best thing that I could be doing right at
this moment.
sitting here in the quiet knitting it is connecting me to the WHY.  Why do
I love this craft so much?
here in the early dawn light knitting this simple project and meditate a little
bit.  Soak up some quiet, get my hands moving in the dance that they love
so much.  Later I’ll go to morning walk and get the rest of me moving, but
for right now – this is enough.
piece will need to be stopped, I’ll need to think about a little bit of math while
doing its edgings for two long sides and   to make
 pretty tussles  for the narrow sides.  
 Knit knit – yo yo. Knit knit – yo yo .
January 6, 2014 
fog due to icing rain at Hisar the previous day

I’m up early today – before anyone

Even though it’s just simple lace –
Today I love it because I can sit
Eventually, my lace-knit rectangular
But for now- it’s so simple.
There’s a joy in my chest.

 Weather this month

In late January 2014, an intense cold surge swept across northern India, bringing bitterly cold weather to Hisar. The minimum temperature at the Observatory on 24 January was only 3.1 degrees, the lowest record since 1957. Very rare phenomena of cold  and icing winds with ice pellets also occurred in Hisar that day, attracted a lot of interest from the media and the public, especially on different types of winter precipitation. There were quite some discussions on "mix of rain and ice pellets" and "mix of rain and small ice balls". 

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