Wednesday, February 26, 2014

shopping is a fun

Friday is the day I often stop at the market on my way home to treat myself to a bunch of flowers if there are any that tickle my fancy. Thankfully, the dahlias are still going strong (yaay!) and I picked out a most gorgeous bunch of mixed blooms to bring home  It always feels like such a bargain (a mere  re 10 a stick), and carrying them home wrapped up in paper makes me pretty much want to skip down the street with joy. After almost twenty-six years of living in this town, I still really get a buzz out of shopping at the market, especially for locally grown seasonal flowers.( sorry that i didn’t able to have a shot of my flowers I shopped on Friday) 

My balcony flowers in the  morning. 
.....perfect. Sigh. Absolutely perfect in every way. Such a glorious display of colour to welcome in the weekend.

I bought some rickrack as well as some beautiful wooden nautical anchor buttons that I would have bought, if they had enough for a cardi, this giant rik rak was what most caught my eye. My inspection says it's hand made, but I couldn't quite work out how. Another project in the offing!


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