Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Simple life.......

In my little North Indian corner of Haryana. Which has been a part of the Kuru region in North India .I am finding and creating beauty in the everyday and ordinary things to simplify my life. I am using what I have to create with my children and to invest in others. We are just an ordinary family praying desperately to make an extra-ordinary difference in this world we live in.
Door deco colloquially known as bandanwar in Haryanvi

My version of floating vase;
Don't be fooled,  this is actually not the floating vase, it was a plant vase in his past life, presently these flowers are  actually floating in water!

One thing I know for sure is what might appear to be “the simple life” for one person doesn’t necessarily equate to simple for another. Right now in my life simple means slowing down, staying put and nurturing what I already have rather than seeking simplicity somewhere else, taking off on a new adventure or adding new things to my already overflowing plate. Simplicity is about being in the moment and embracing life right where I am.

I made this vase somewhat smooth with plaster of paris+white glue+water and then trimmed it with glass stones.....

Notice another pot with floating jasmine flowers from my balcony garden!
I love how cozy all my vases  look, and I especially like the way my painted milk bottles ones complement my Sitar nativity. It is addicting to paint  these! I painted them in somany colours .no!nO! its' not me !     I am so grateful for the creative ladies for sharing their fab ideas. Go visit all of them!

Have you locked-up your documents. DONT LOSS THE KEY!!!!!!!Go have a hook and hang it like above!!!

Close-up! Just smell the jasmine!!!!

My 25-and-a-half year old daughter, on the evening of her first day of actual behind-the-wheel driving was perfectly calm. It was me, the passenger, who was a wreck. I had zero control of the car, and my facial hair for that day was older than her driving privileges. This seemed crazy!

For weeks, I've been getting on my son to wash his car. His car is 3 years old (still pretty much new) and it was filthy, both inside and out.

It makes me laugh to see how easily a mere strange facial expressions of my daughter   can make my niece    laugh like this.

I was very fortunate to grow up twigs to make these woolen branches . Every time I go in the balcony, I enjoy looking at all of the sticks and the plarn mat. I've collected lots of poly bags  from grocery stores and on vacations I made braids and coiled the braid to make these mats . aren't they beautiful!


I’ve discovered a comfortable way of life that might be different than I dreamed of but it works for me, for now.  I realize now I can handle living close enough to shops that I can have some “me time” at a coffee house or window shopping, but far enough that I don’t get in a regular habit of shopping to fill a void in my life that should have been filled with simpler pleasures. Living near enough (but not too close!) to shopping or other “spending” temptations helps simplify the budget too! It’s good, even if it isn’t what I had originally imagined as a perfect life or location for me.

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