Thursday, March 6, 2014

Early morning sun

The early morning sun surprises our eyes and embraces us warmly. Big Brother and Little Sister  sit peacefully side by side in the living room reading newspapers and I find myself singing out mantras of sun in loud:

This is a most powerful Sun or Surya Mantra. This mantra is dedicated to the Sun or Surya; the only living God we see; without whom we cannot exist for a single moment.I used to chant this mantra 108 times at sunrise every morning after having a bath. It seems This Mantra removes all negative and malefic auras and energies me from my surroundings and ushers in the positive and powerful rays of the Sun. This ensures that all my innermost desires get fulfilled . A new radiance comes into my being with the daily practice of this Surya Mantra. Also I offer a jug-full of water to the SUN

I took this photo from my front yard in the morning last week

"It's all right." Although these mantras are the words of Vedas but it seems the words appear from nowhere and are meant only for me. I notice that I am singing my own mantra. At least twice a day I sing affectionately for the sun - but never for myself. Why would I? But then, why would I not?
Big Brother and Little sister take enormous pleasure in a humming mama. For that brief moment, all is right.
I have craved a simple moment of pure happiness like this for weeks and weeks now. Maybe the temporary blindness, caused by the overwhelming power of the sun, made me let go of my uneased mind. And engaged me to literally listen to my intuition's voice.


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