Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth day, my daughter's writting piece in news paper

Do Mother Nature a big favor today:   recycle your plastics and glass bottles.
Since last week I use to grab all the glass and plastic bottles, so that I can gve the demonstrations how to convert the plastic bottles and glass bottles  into utility articles. And today I gave them demo for making   beautiful settee out of plastic bottles………I apologize for the post without  photos , that is  I am not able to post photographs of the demo here ,as my cell-phone camera was not working today
Make flower pots with plastic bottles

To begin, you need a plastic bottle , , cello  tape , a cotton ball , soil  and a plant ( or seeds to grow one).
The first step is to cut the bottle in half  .
Next, you need to make a hole in the cap,   you can also use a nail and hammer.
To fill the base with water, it should cut a notch in the side of the base .
The second step is to screw the cap on the top of the bottle, then place  up upside down in the base and glue with  cello tape.
After this step you can decorate your pot in the way that suits you, with fabric , ribbon , paper , beads ... all depends on your imagination.
Before planting your plant , you must place an absorbent material in the cap , such as batting , rope or paper towels.
This will ultimately prevent the soil from flowing into the bottom and also attract water into the top compartment to moisten the earth.
After it only remains to add the soil, and watch your plants grow all! These are the three pots 

MY daughter's writing

My daughter's article got published  in National Dunia on 20th of April 2014 on page 8

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