Tuesday, April 1, 2014

little things

Sometimes we heart very little things around our house.Sometimes it is the little things, the small everyday joys that remind us that life is sweet and good. Something like an impromptu gathering in the front  yard on a beautiful summer night. With friends and family, playing music by the lantern for light and laughter so genuine that it makes your sides hurt.
Or an unexpected friend/guest   from our village  you feel so beautiful inside you can't stop smiling. This wonderful bottle deco made from leftover yarns  was made with care by me using patriotric theme  on Republic day . I had won something painting this terracotta vase while i was doing my MSc    and then promptly forgot about it. My daughter  recently got it  in a carton on the  . She could have left it there and I would have been none to talk. I am so pleased that she didn't and now I have is lovely vase proudly displayed in the niche. Thank you baby!

the temporary organization in the summer

a poster with meanings.

a recycled teddy container

a salute to the hero

organization with display

a zoolu basket makes the difference in the room

a Rajasthani painting on wall
The little things that mean so much, that keep us going in rough times, that help us appreciate what we have.

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