Monday, April 28, 2014

the traditions housed in Museum

When I first stumbled upon   the tapestry crochet bag( in 2006) on the net HERE. I jumped at the sight of it, when I was younger,  the girls in our village (in Haryana state) used to made a bag for their dowry, nowadays it does not have to be seen anywhere.
tapestry crochet bag
tapestry crochet bags

When I  accompanied  my daughter
to  Kurukshetra for her story recital, we visited Dharohar and their I come across many traditional things along with these bags
Now before y’all schooling me on  Haryanavi traditions, I am highly aware that this particular one has lost steam in recent years  and placed in the  Museum ..but I am hoping for its revival.

These  Haryanavi traditions could use a bit more colour ……….I will make one for sure in this year …….a bag with any animal figure using raw spun cotton yarn with colour.



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