Monday, May 5, 2014

I found something very charming on the network.


 I found something on the web which made me very  excited and nostalgic. Nostalgic because when i was a kid the girls til the age of 16 or 17 used to wear Dewati/rejja (cloth made with home spun yarn i.e. woven by a village weaver ) short knickers (these days only fashionta wear these half-pants or knickers). It was in the year 1963-65 ( my  nostalgia time)   the  dress   of my village girls was half- pant shirt with collars and two pockets on the breasts, -two side pockets - like kurtas today and a veil cloth  on head.

On the topic above again.... this shorts looks like a "fairy tale wear' as compared to the shorts of Haryana girls back in the 60’s. This fairy tale shorts can be made by every person with the crocheting skills.

 I put a photo on my blog page here so that the design can be preserved not misplaced in my resources

 Normally I like an pultaceous things:

What about you?

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