Friday, March 11, 2016

my crochet work

  last year hot on heels followed various simple hankies, gfted several hankies to my nieces and nephews, a baby blanket, lots of granny squares out of recycled sweaters selvedged (my mom’s) I will make a blanket out of them, simple granny squares with leftover yarns (to make another blanket with them) some pot holders 


cotton hanky
crochet bag ongoing project
I learnt about British and American crochet language. Now, just for fun, throw Afrikaans into the mix - the terms are totally unrelated to the English counterparts. And for more fun, try Dutch, 'cause that where Afrikaans comes from, and no one can blame you if you want to throw your hands into the air and run away.

I taught the ignorant crochet members  that crochet has a back and front

I started blogging about my adventure, and in the process learnt so much from great ladies around the world, who are generous with their patterns and advice, not to mention inspiration.

And with a member of our NGO and fellow Haryanvi lady Ved kaur.
 I started a crochet group with all the trainees in our NGO sewing class, which are now 142 members strong.  What a joy that is!  

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