Saturday, April 9, 2016

New Purchases

The vibrant colors and unique  texture  in Kalekhan ’s new collection look just like the

 ones I remembers from my childhood. When I was a little girl in Haryana, I spent a lot of 

time at my Grandma’s house (Dadi means Grandma in Haryana). Her garden was an 

adventuresome place. The colourful plants  grows like weeds in many places in Haryana, 

including my Grandma’s garden. I remember being allowed to pick the colorful flowers 

that were growing in places they weren’t supposed to, like the walkways and the yard. 

That was heaven for a girl who was used to making bouquets and wreaths out of Rohada 

and Aak flowers; adding the striking colors of the berries was like giving an artist paint. 

Just picture this collection transformed into a pretty quilt to brighten a sunroom!

The concept for this fabric program began with my Mom and Sis’s support and advice r. Our distinctive collection includes a vibrant focal print - a galaxy design with layers of stars circling on a dark sky ground. In addition to our terrific coordinate prints, we have a truly unique label design. As soon as I bring them all in our home my daughter and niece grab most of them for their fabrictees and shirts. Let see what will remain for the projects we planned to do.

The fabric in this picture  is a folk art collection with a floral on a nicely textured ground, two smaller florals, a little tie and dye, spirals, leaves and a stippled texture, all in deep eggplants, dark greens, beiges, golds, and reds. These designs are just right for making appliquéd blossoms, country dresses and jackets, home dec projects, and for ragged edge appliqué. I bought them in one meter to 4 meter pieces.

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