Thursday, April 7, 2016

Remembering MOM

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is an important historical and religious place in India. Dedicated to the eighth Sikh Guru, Sri Harkishen Sahib,
On 2nd april of 2013 my daughter and I were in Gurudwara_Bangla_Sahib celebrating my daughter’s  B day. We happened to be at Gurudwara_Bangla_Sahib just about time for the tea at 8:00AM. They do Shabads and offer tea at 8:00AM  morning   each  day. I really wanted to have tea there, but my daughter wanted to shop next door, Avanti complex, if I remember correctly. So we agreed that I would go to have tea at Gurudwara_  and she would go shopping, and we would reconnect via cell phone.
The Gurudvara was, of course, amazing, outside and in. I was in awe and felt very reverent. They have it set up so that Sangat can walk around the outside of the interior of the Gurudwara, while they conduct Shabad recital  in the center area. It looked like there were about 100 people there for tea on stairs that could easily seat twenty times that number. I just kind of wandered around looking at things and enjoying tea with kachori (in English).
When it came time for a prayer, I stopped walking, bowed my head, and closed by eyes. However all the other Sangat kept walking, talking, and even taking flash pictures. I was somewhat taken aback. In our custom, no matter what people are doing in one of our buildings, if they are within hearing of a public prayer, they stop what they are doing and wait reverently until it is over. I stopped and waited until the prayer was over and then said Sat_Sri_Akaal.
I have conflicting emotions about the experience. On the one hand, I was really glad to be a part of Sangat at a historic Gurudwara. I have always enjoyed sikh Shabads they  are all alike as those of baagru Shabad’s of ours (the jat community). And I think I’m glad they open it up to the entire world. On the other hand, the whole experience seemed a little sacrilegious. I can’t imagine us opening our Sacrament Meeting to the public like that, not to mention our temple worship.

On that day itself my mom injured due to fall , we got the call as soon as we reached my daughter’s flat at Delhi.


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