Sunday, June 19, 2016

Remembering my Dad on Father’ Day

 Reblogged from my prevous post of 2014 HERE
This is the ninth Father’ Day since my late father Chaudhary Surajmal (Flying officer in IAF) passed away from sudden death. But he is on my mind every single day; he visits me in my dreams.  
My computer crashed and it took several days to make it  up that’s why i am posting my Father’s day post today.. 

My Dad

                                             My dad in 1955
My dad with  Dilip Kumar  the star legend of Indian cinema

At Delhi on cricket show in 81-82 India vs Pakistan click  Here for details of the match England 1981–82  cricketer Sandeep_Patil  is standing in the pic  left to my dad.

And that very day of shifting didn’t’ came in the way of that tradition of our family that day. I remember lots of rain that day but the photographs prove there was lots of sunshine too..............  click HERE for further reading.........

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