Tuesday, January 28, 2014

this and that .........

....foggy cold mornings,beautiful and still, the fog hung around most of the day.......I thought it made the garden look quite fairytale-like.....

....the sun eventually came out late in the day, I love late afternoon light, it was a gorgeous day.

Fabric  basket several uses: made with my salwar suit

Hello friends, as I said I lost my dear mom this month. I used to do something every minute ……….I can ..of course to keep me busy .otherwise I got lost in the memories of my mom…………I did some  jobs  ……
I’ll show you later on ……..  and Posting to this. Here the basket to show to get what I want. In this case guava’s in this basket. 
 Two things encountered:

Our front yard is not very large, where the we the residents keep the plant in the corner,keep our scooter, motorcycle, keep some chairs and table to sit in the sun ,lay charpoy to dry our grains etc.etc..
Yesterday cleaning my back yard and kitchen island the stand of the fridge and a big tub ended up being withdrawn from the list.
We took the fridge stand to place the tub with plants in it.
There they have been for many weeks.
 Kisses with all my love.

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