Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Caladium, my yarn

Today  was such a beautiful day here in my area. The sun was out and the temp went up

to 25 degree, so I spent the day doing a bit of gardening.  Although I live in north western
 part of India  we do get very cold winters   and our temps get low enough to put the
plants to sleep.  We also have not had much rain in this semi-arid area so the grass( in the
front park) browns, if not watered each week. 
Ok, so it may never happen but this is what I want my front yard to look like.  I have the
space and I have the corner area and started with pots with plants in the corner   but I 
 don't have the proper soil.... I bought some sand from the village nearby having sand
dunes, black soil from another cotton growing area mixed them both with vermin-compost
I bought from the lady  we helped her in making vermi- compost ( we conducted a training
under income generating programme of our project) then I put the mixture in my recycled pots

This is my sad wintery yard today. Everything is dry and sleeping and it's a bit depressing but  like most  gardeners around the country, I am patiently waiting for Spring!
I bought  a large number of Caladium bulbs today and planted them in groups of color all around my front yard.
Look at the colors of these beautiful Caladiums below.

These Caladiums are in their full bright colours

My yarn 

So excited about my new yarns! I will admit openly that I am a little bit (a lot) in love with these silky shiny  Yarns. Company is an Indian  yarn and fibre small business located in a village , near Delhi. If you love beautiful yarns in gorgeous colours and textures, please go support this awesome business and have some yummy yarn.
In the above photo:
Top - 3ply  red and blue  that my gorgeous best friend bought me for being awesome. I have no idea what I'm going to make with it. I may just keep it beside me to pet and hug.

I am  free this weekend. So my plan is to catch up on washing, and knit my little heart out on the cruise shawl so that I can get to making pretties with my new stuff!! 


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