Saturday, May 3, 2014

windy, stormy, rainy and then cloudy

Saturday evening was one of those all too common evenings where I just sit and watch_Roadies_(season_11) and did some crocheting. Too much tea, too late for the evening walks was probably the culprit and you would think I would figure that out but I don't. It's really hard to go to walk when its windy outside because we watch_Roadies_(season_11)...for a good 2 hours.

I was flipping channels between the weather channel watching how the wind gusts were coming along and amusing myself with watching the time zones change to Standard time. The wind fallowed with storm, then growling the clouds, blinking of lights, power cut and then it showered with rain and it was cool night for sound sleep! Mare   the anticipation of coming a cool night kept me from going to sleep, and crochet.........crochet and crochet!

Then Sunday morning it was cloudy and sort of hazing and my daughter  called to tell me it was raining where she was. The sun would peek out in between the clouds and it was just so weatherish. I loved it.

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