Tuesday, January 22, 2013

crochet with Yog..

Yes these days i used to crochet while listening Samkhya yog  by Acharya Pradumn Ji Maharaj

Let see...about it

If there is no mind than there is no possibility to get involved with worldly attractions. Each sense of Human being has its own area of application but mind have to play an important role in the process of perception of senses.

For example let’s consider our eyes; when we are looking at a beautiful scene around our mind is also involved and if we pick mind out of the scene than no scene will be perceived by our eyes even we are continuously looking at the said scene. Image may there on retina but we will be not aware of it.

Now let’s take scripture point of view; shrimad bhagwad geeta says “Nature – Prakriti is working with its three virtues – Satto Gunna, Razo Gunna and Tamogunna. There are three major area of nature. Actually this is classification of worldly attractions.

Nature is offering worldly attractions to senses. Attractions are there and also senses are there but event is not happening. This is because mind is not there. This is a beautiful process of involvement and it is natural only.

Worldly Attractions ß +Mind+--> Senses = Involvement

This involvement brings desires and these desires bring actions and material in the life. And besides this there is a spiritual law that one attraction brings others attractions like one value bring other values; it mean desires are interdependent also. And our journey of soul gets involved in worldly attractions ultimately and we forget the purpose of our life.

When we understand this process of desires, mind and material and we also understand that we can stop all this with the help of mind only; this is the mind which is creating new desires and also brings material with the help of nature. That’s why almost all religions, all meditation techniques all secret techniques are only working on mind.

The one who understand the process and stop the process by just aware of it is called a “Sankhya Yogi.”

This is the theory of Samkhya yog    XOXO

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