Friday, February 28, 2014

Decoration with cotton

I wonder if people who do not live in the irrigated area really tired of everyone who does live in the arid areas/rain fed area/desert with shifting sand dunes….talking about the Bhiwani district (not now…when I was a kid, I become nostalgic writing this post?)
I have traveled all over India being the air force brat, and I know without a doubt there are truly beautiful areas which rival my beloved Bhiwani district.

But, I am deep down a Haryanvi bagri.  Born in Pune Maharashtra and Bred in All over India.

Right in the heart of arid-area (dadu’s house) .  And irrigated Cotton growing area(nanu’s house).

You see, Bagris have  Bajra.  Khadaris  have wheat. All Haryanvi  have milk.

But, now here in the Bhiwani Distruct  – we too  have Cotton now a days .
Yes, yes, I think we all know what the major use of cotton is?  Don’t we?
I wonder if they get tired of us talking about our Bhiwani farmhouses and our Bhiwani porches.
We have it. Previously all people at nanu’s house used to tease us saying BAGRI with Bajra.
Now our fields got irrigation through canals and lift irrigation,we used to grow cotton, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables all that grow in KHadar area
NOW WE GROW COTTON and   We decorate with it, of course.  :)

We decorate with it, of course: We stick long stems in pretty willow and glass vases and add no need of water.ok!.

Then, we place it on our coffee tables in our Living Rooms….

and add…
Petty pillows Hand made by me  with a pleasant surrounded area.


 Yhen I change the place of cotton filled vase in the corner! How cute!
 At night the small light twinkles on the white cotton  and the cotton changes its colours as well!

 Cotton stick in another recycled vase placed with some utility articles!!!


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