Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Its rain here

We are at Delhi with my daughter here. It is raining in the financial capital of India. Nice clouds hovering in the sky, blocking the fierce heat of the sun, helping to rise-up  the temperature and usher in a feeling of absolute beauty. Rains play a very important in our lives. The Indian economy is heavily dependent on its monsoon. The rains now is very beneficial for the crops. Since its spring here it starts from the day of Vasant Panchami. The rains now sprung up the spring after this shower.

My corner with one bloom of china rose
The best aspect that I like about rains is that they help to give birth to so many aspects of Mother Nature around us. The different shades of leaves become visible along with the spectrum of colours in the sky, as the sunlight plays hide and seek with the clouds showering down rains. Rains bring peace to the water starved eyes of a farmer, in search of a good monsoon for his crops. They give birth to content and peace.

After rain the turgid plant pots
only greens and wood
Rainy season(since it’s not rainy season now) is the period wherein Mother Nature, it seems, is at her merriest. The divine fragrance that spreads from the ground after the first rains, the pleasant calmness in the surroundings. The roar of thunder in the clouds, along with the flash of light in the sky adds to the mystic aura of Mother Nature around us.
Enjoy the season of hope, love, happiness!!

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