Friday, February 21, 2014

MY home: simple bed room

I love having a sparse and simple bedroom, it helps me relax and feel more peaceful.
Remember?  I've had the taste of white sheets forever - I remember my father too always love the cotton white sheets on his bed... I think its hereditary instinct.
Sheet on my bed yes..Amway purchases  the floral one! With white background.

My daughter is reading!!

Do you know I sat on my computer chair for 14.5 minutes to capture this shot to silent my camra image mode. Even had my timer on………..yes I did!

You know why?


My daughter will annoyed of capturing her in the films while reading in silent .and for the idea on posting into my journal……will make her annoy a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cotton material like raw sheets and pillowcases with soft organic stuffed
 cotton  are perfect accessories to this background. The soothing
 development of colors of flowers on sheet indicates the conversion from
 wakefulness to sleep,especially in the relaxing white colour  of nature.
And I thought, why can’t I insert some more cotton in my pillows 
What are your favorite parts of bedroom decor?  Do you like a simple room or do you have a million pillows on the bed?  I do think I could use a few more pillows!
minha linda lençóis ......... blogue

just see the above beautiful pillows





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