Thursday, February 27, 2014

On the way

On the 9th of this month while returning from my sis’s city e was busy crocheting at back seat of car,
And it occurred to me that, much as I love my crocheting and enjoy spending time doing it, it’s all too rare that I actually sit in it and enjoy outside scenery. It's not that I don't have anywhere to sit while travelling, because I do.
It being a cool and chilly evening, I decided to remedy this and grabbed a little job that I could sit at

the back seat  and do whilst enjoying the fresh air and birdsong returning to their nests.


When a quick glance out of the window caught this view of sun set across the wheat fields on the way. I felt

what a tranquil and inviting seat I got, I thought.

I took sunset shots on   and have found what I believe are the best places on the way to Jind via Barwala to

get that perfect sunset shots.  

All of this shots are captured while the car was running at the speed   of?.......

This is the #1 location On the way through wheat and sarson fields to capture the most beautiful sunset shots.

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