Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prime Minister, Hinduism in Bali


Few words on Hinduism in Bali. Hinduism came to Indonesia from India in the 5th century and was then displaced by Islam from the 14th century. Bali became the only part of Indonesia to remain Hindu. You can still find some Hindu villages on other islands like Lombok, but Bali is the only island where Hinduism is the main religion. Balinese Hindu believe in good gods and bad demons, so they define their own role as finding the balance between those two by making offering and pleasing good spirits while asking bad spirits to go away. They also believe in Dharma (order in cosmos), good karma, reincarnation.  They are very close to nature, they respect it in their own way. So a life of a Balinese person is a lot about temples, ceremonies, offerings to gods. Balinese have their own language, their own calendar, their own religious festivals that don’t exist anywhere in the world.

hindu ceremony in bali

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