Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer table

Yesterday while walking on jogging track in our front park during my morning walk a Pipal branch touched my head  I looked upon my head the beautiful new leaves of lash green attracted me so much that I stopped and stared a beautiful round umbrella that was created by the papal in the park .very beautiful and soothing for eyes. I just pluck a branch with several leaves and proceeded back home shower the branch with water under tap filled a whisky bottle (empty) with water .laid a cotton brocade border cotton  Dupatta on dining table as runner and place the bottle with Pipal  branch in it…….

 Laying this Mangalagiri superfine cotton with zari border Dupatta as   table runner is an easy way to update you summer dining area.  I was really pleased with this ticking border.  I bought it  from Lajpat nagar , DELHI.

The  fabric is cotton made with a tropical zari border and stripes on the narrow ends along the fringes that wakes my dining room with fresh colors for an updated look.  This  is 60 inches wide and 100 inches long including fringes.  It was so generous in size I that it can be layed on the whole table, but here it is folded in both ways I will use my another  Dupatta in blue colour some other summer day.


That is all there is to it.  Here is the table runner on my dining table and center table arrangement.  The color and border with natural branch  on the table give a modern tropical look to my  non-conventional house dining room.


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