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So long absentism here ........because of..............June 24, 2014 in pictures

 Several time I thought to plan and write my blog posts in advance by about some 10 days or so. That way whenever  the day meant for the post crawls around I am not that worried about posting. But like anything I do in life, sometimes I leave things to the last minute. Like my blog posts

This is the month of Sawan which is  known as the month in which the weather becomes pleasant all around the weather, but this year it’s so uncomfortable and I am overloaded with responsibilities and work  that’s why       I could not come up with a cohesive blog plot at this time. The reasons are ………..  .
Firstly, I have been in a horrible, grouchy mood for like, a week. I have no idea why but I am just soured on everything.

And because fate likes to sit, eat lots of churama  and laugh at my life, my son  has been in a ridiculously great mood. And for some reason, the worst was when I used to try  to take a photo of a dish I prepared to give Prenatal_nutrition  to my pregnant  D-in -law

  and he insisted on   sticking his hands on the meal plate . Instead of handling him like an  adult, I stopped of saying “FINE, I WON’T TAKE A PHOTO!”  OK!!!!!!!!

Secondly, because of my horrible, sour mood, I’ve been eating way too much kasaar . And also, singing EVERY song of  saawan     though I am creeping up to the age ofof grandma . I’ve also been doing these things while wearing a Mandassa*  to keep my head calm. I look fantastic wearing it .

Thirdly, when cleaning my house I found my lost earring. The ring presented by my D-in-law’s parents as a wedding gift to me.

Fourthly I have become obsessed with mollie-flowers flowers. I want to make a blanket of the future new baby to welcome him/her in our house. I tried several times but the real flowers did.nt come up with my hands. I blame my friend Rani because she is RIDICULOUSLY talented in crochet creations, every artistic crochet endeavor.   And she always has her cute crochet flowers everywhere in dresses, decorations, gift wraps, on photo frames in or her office and house and it’s so adorable I kind of want to barf at my own sad attempts at decorating. And since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I was all “Yeah, crochet flowers and with the fine sewing yarn of very thin weight! I’m all over that!” Except, mine is kind of cheap and garbage-y. And I feel like it takes me way too long to make it. Seriously, its only several yarn over on hook why does it take SO LONG!?
*A simple hat : wrappings of a long piece of cloth.

June 24, 2014 in pictures