Friday, October 10, 2014

significance of swastika and Lakshmi paduka on door In divali.

It is a great Indian tradition to pay attention to the main door. Many households sports ‘Rangoli’ at the entrance. In Maharashtra and other states too, we find drawings of ‘swastika’ and ‘feet of Lakshmi’ the goddess of wealth near the door. In South India’ Rangoli’ is drawn in intricate fashion with wet wice flour (Kolam). This practice too is closely related to Feng Shui.

Lakshmi  paduka

Attractive ‘Rangoli ’ attracts good cosmic vibrations. Don’t we focus our attention on an attractive object or a beautiful piece of art? The basic Feng- Shui principle is’where attention goes, energy flows’. Our ancestors too realized the importance of this aspect. They performed ‘umbara pujan’ i.e. worshipping the ‘threshhold’ of the house to keep the path of good energies open and to shun the evil ones.
However, we tend to draw ‘Rangoli ’ rather thoughtlessly. There is a place for everything and the footprints of Lakshmi and Swastika  emblems are no exceptions. With the generous blessings of my Siddhaguruji, I am disclosing the secret of the right place  for these two symbols. On the left side of the  main door frame, nine inches above the floor, draw swastika and Lakshmi’s foot prints. Repeat the same on the right side. Today most apartments have a safety door. So these should be drawn between the safety door and main door on the door frame. Do not draw these symbols on the floor as they are stamped upon by visitors. These are potent symbols and should not be crushed under anyone’s feet. This should be followed rigidly as today’s landings are narrow. Entrance doors are small and apartments are too close to each other to have any open space.
Swastika is a very powerful symbol and is associated with Ganesha and overall well- being. Most people hurriendly draw the symbol which leaves it incomplete and thus is meaningless. It is essential to make a note of this. The wings of this symbol should appear rotating in the right direction i.e. clockwise. 
The right side of the Swastika is the universal creation and progress and the left cannotes destruction. Swastika should always be drawn in red or orange colours. Usually, we tend to draw Swastika on Diwali day to usher in a prosperous new  year and forget it till the next Diwali. It is ideal to draw a Swastika, everyday using ‘vermillion’ or ‘Sindoor’ on the main door to activate positive energy and protect us from harmful energy. Use the ring finger while drawings and keep faith that the symbol  is going to be beneficial to you. Try this for aq month and see the difference for yourself. You will find many hurdles just melting away
Above all, have sincere intention and faith. You will be rewarded with unbelievable blessings !


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