Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Racks for stacks

My daughter practising her music lessions
Where the crafty things will be stored. 

Yes in these racks …..These racks are fabulous examples of old-fashioned practicality. The tall long rack is an old shoe rack made by my handy-man. A wonderful wood-work-shop owner I use to frequent in his tiny shop made him made me things of my own design. 

I thought it was such a wonderful revitalization of beautiful craftsmanship. These white racks are custom made to fit here. 

Again, I just love making use of something that was so tenderly used for something completely different and this fabric covered zipper locked rack was born.
All my spinning(dropdown spindle and rags), knitting, crocheting and stitching  supplies and tools are in these racks. Don't know if that looks like a lot to you or a little. (No wheel, I use drop spindles.)
My recent experiment to cover a metal rack with fabric

Cheers !!!!!!!!and Good evening!

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