Tuesday, June 2, 2015

visit to village Aryanagar -Decadel change in rural INDIA

i visited the village to see the decadal change of progress. i did my MSc in the year 1991 and selected two village for my study one the Aryanagar near to city and another one 25kilometers away from the Hisar City . so i did another round of survey in the year 2001, then 2011 these pics are from my third round. I found a vast difference regarding  development of village 

While tour to village it was creativity in the air. The village is model village and named AryaNagar, its original name is kurri (kurri in Haryana is .an open store for household waste) village is famous for its sturdy earthen pots. The dominated caste is kumhaar ( prajapati samaaj—the potters)  their  main traditional occupation is making earthen pots( sorry the pics of potters were damaged and can't revive). 

 We sit with the village potter to make beautiful terracotta (Kulhadies)pots and divaas. I weaved some thread on Charkha with local womenfolk; make women to lit light in mud plastered hara. We did a lot of rural activities to make it a memorable experience, from –cooking, pounding grain, grinding grains(ataa), making ghee and buttermilk and tried balancing water tokani on our head like true Haryanvi womenfolk.
Really fond memories come back to me from my childhood when I did them all. 
 Then we visited the village “Harijan aanganwaadi” my daughter felt bad seeing the board of “Harijan aanganwaadi” saying What it mean? Why harijan aangan baadi it should be for all caste and creed …..any how the children in aanganwadi were playing   ethnicgames-gulee danda, Pethoo, Lattoo, Kanche goli and others. We engaged ourselves in Gulel(sling) shooting, Hop skotch or Kabbadi and Kushti( wrestling bout local style) with their friends in the soft soil arena. I picked up a colorful kite from a kid and let that talk to the blue skies-to give wings to my imagination.

swinging in the house


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