Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my front door tree this month, GenY 4 change

Guess the species of the tree 

the tree this time of the month


my lunch box tote......New Report

After making a lunch box tote  at this link ( and not accepted and liked by my daughter 
I tried another one with crochet hook and using upcycled yarn....
Now my lunch box pattern is up!

After much drawing,typing, peering at smuged penciled notes, typos, and coding errors, the pattern for my Lunch Box Tote Bag is done on my rough copy, complete with y own diagramms/instructional diagrams ( i figured up my symbols of a shawl and published it in the hindi magazine, i will post the whole store very soon) which showcase my very rough diagram skills. Oh, yes! Go check it out.

 click here here ,    here here , here ,  here here . for all the posts of this tote.
Click the link below for the report

New Report Explains 'Why So Few' Women in Science - ScienceInsider

happy  crocheting!