Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Junk....

I just LOVE making something cute and useful out of garbage!!

I haven’t had time to make anything for several weeks – I’ve been chomping at the bit to create. We’ve finally slowed down enough to start enjoying our winters here.

A while back I bought some Organic wheat in burlap sac (a VERY large sac), I unraveled its yarn for wrapping some up cycled paint/ varnish / up cycled thermos bottles.

One day Mom noticed one more ball of unraveled jute yarn from the sac …….she knitted a rectangular piece of fabric out of it ……….I used it……..cut my up cycled thermos as per the length of the knitted piece and

Then I spread Some Glue on my thermos piece, and started wrapping and gluing the jute (around). To finish the top edge, I used the beaded fringe I had from the previous project and glued it down.
 for the lid i created a small circle of crochet for the and also glued the beaded fringes...on the sides i just wrapped and glued the jute yarm....the fringe part is the selvedge of the sac.

Here is the thermos box decked upon the previous one which was wrapped with the jute uarn itself
OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! Here’are the thermos and paint boxwrapped in jute.

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