Friday, December 14, 2012

Real Me..........


Global warming is talk of the show these days. Some channel broadcast about it like soon we will nowhere……………everything will extinguish in minutes……..when time comes be. what most concerns me about the idea of 'global' warming is how is it being used to manipulate masses of individuals politically based on fear of something that may possibly happen.

And we are told we should have no choice but to believe its preaching in its entirety.

There may be a grain of truth at its center.

However, being in the lifelong habit of looking and thinking for myself I can be called a skeptical atheist when it comes to the religion of global warming.

And yet other side of me…..

Being a Home Science student it was 40 years ago I learned a few very important house keeping (home management) principles; one of these was that:

Little bits of time consistently spent doing things add up to getting a lot done.

For example if I had even a few minutes to use before needing to leave the house I could use those to DO SOMETHING.. pick up and put away, clean a small area, wipe the dust of tables, chairs and sofa, take care of a load of laundry, empty the trash, water house plants or feed the goldfish.How to……..

How to make things rusty - The juxtaposition of rust...

I found a recipe to create here we go..

Gather objects to rust - a variety to see what works here  is the link……………


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