Sunday, April 28, 2013



Today is trtiya of  Baisaakh  after purnima on 27th April Baisaakh the 2nd month of  Hindu calender,,,,,,,,,, the lunisolar calendar governing the religious life of Hindus

Yes it is Baisaakh, a pious month to earn religion merits; indeed a month that enlightens the inner pace of truth for fair interaction with self.
Yes it is Baisaakh; it is a very special month to worship Lord Sri Hari Vishnu, the giver of success for both the worlds.
Yes it is Baisaakh; even a mild shower once in a month indicates very good rainy season.
Yes it a Baisaakh, most favorable month to counter the ill effects of Rahu through varying sacred practices, by the grace of lord Sri Hari Vishnu ill effects of Rahu suppressed to null and void.
It is not just a month but an opportunity to meet the fate at farewell of divine celebration.
May God Bless You ll!
Happy Day!

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