Monday, April 15, 2013


Being a mother is like having your heart living outside of your body.   It’s sure to get trampled, bruised, and sometimes broken along the way.   However, the endless love we receive from our offspring makes all of the hurt worthwhile and heals us quickly.’ – Mama P.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH REALLY I’m so sorry today’s post isn’t cheerier.  Just glad I didn’t write it last night in the heat of it all. My mom was taking her bath at 10:00 she completed her task come out Then she gave me the news that her hand hurt.  She said she fell when she was putting on her shirt.  I was thanking God that at least my bath has rough tiles.  I , said ‘All better’, and served her with breakfast.  I had no idea it was anything more than a scratch on the wrist. How could I? 
But after the breakfast I realized it may not just scrapped wrist it may be fracture…..then I called in my son.
Anyways, we realized that at a hospital we would probably still be there immediately after she fell, so we went to the Sony hospital,100 yard away our residence, the Dr checked it, gave her some medicine, and sent us to yet another place for x rays, which she was frightened a bit. 
They took the x rays and sent us to wait. Yes it was fracture at the wrist joint.

The doctor explained we needed to go to a OT and get it splinted. 
MOM was scared and I had to hide my fear and emotions, just like I had to be strong always for her, however, inside my heart was always broken in two.  Worst feeling in all of the world. 


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