Friday, June 28, 2013

Blooms in my courtyard.

Queen of the tropics ......Hibiscus

This red hibiscus is my third addition after champa and chmeli plants in containers, then i added roses, Jatropa , kely.   Hibiscus plants have been part of my garden since the beginning (without flowers), is impossible to garden in the tropics and not have one of these beautiful plants.  Over the years I moved my hibiscus from small containers to big containers, I find they do best and last longer in big ones.i photographed each of them they bloomed at one time! they are 6 once they were 9

The marigolds are putting on a new flush of blooms now.
floribunda '

Now here's a surprise. I was sure that my jatropha was dead and buried and wasn't coming back this year. It took its own sweet time about coming back from the roots after winter, but now it's June and here it is - blooming once again.
That would be my new jatropha. Deadly if eaten! Isn’t it cool looking? 

keli (canna plant) bloomed in the race tooooo

You can see the beautiful close-up of keli flower

Canna, Keli. Canna or Canna lily are extermely common garden plants, that have large, attractive foliage and horticulturists have turned them into a large, brash, bright and sometimes gaudy, garden plant. In addition, it is one of the world's richest starch sources, and is an agricultural plant. Though cannas are among our most common garden plants their flowers are among the most complex and hard to interpret. In canna flowers the bright "petals" are actually stamens modified to look like petals. Such modified stamens are often called staminodia. Atop the green, roundish ovary arise three small, usually green sepals, hidden by one of the petals in the image at the left, but visible in the next picture. There are also three petals, which can be green or colored. Although all cannas are native to the South America, they have followed mankind's journeys of discovery and some species are cultivated and naturalized in most tropical and sub-tropical regions


Canna plant's seeds are used in jewellery. The seeds of keli (canna plant) are also used in a musical instrument Kayamb. Kayamb is the musical instrument of Reunion, Zimbabve.


 I hope your summer garden is filled with blooms and that your weeds are tiny and few. 

Happy belated Bloom Day!

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