Saturday, June 15, 2013

Squash in the PARK>.....

Giant yellow squash

Yes! Its amazing Giant yellow Squash growing in our front  park from the Compost pile.It is huge!

Yellow squash flowers bloom
This is summer Squash .Yellow Squash flowers bloom on yellow summer squash. These flowers are not only beautiful to look at; they are functional as well. Both squash and yellow Squash flowers have been a nutritious part of the diet in many cultures for hundreds of years. 
You can eat squash flowers raw in salads or battered and fried. In Bangali families, squash blossoms are eaten stuffed in pakoras.
 I became nostalgic, wonderful huge plant with huge flowers. Iv remembered my childhood in the Jamnagar. Those garden squashes of our house garden. Bose aunt frequently asking for yellow squash blooms for pakoraas...the squash curry yammy with missi rotties in summer.I guess even the whole creeper is the same


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