Monday, June 24, 2013

Ripples Mission is about to finish ........Your space

     A post exclusively for myself ... and, of course, for you, my friends! Hope you are doing well and may be in need of a pattern which was created by me in my earlier post.! Today I need to keep a record of the first big crochet project I started few days back. I say to myself that I can finish it before the first dates of August ...when  my niece will complet her course of engineering :)

my niece with her lappy on the ripple

   I chose seven colors 100% acrylic Baby Soft yarn of the   Vardhman. The thread feels very soft and cosy if it can be such. The crochet hook is 3.5 mm. I purchased it from my native village's shop during this Summer visit to my village house.  It's a very good hook of the Indian  company Pony. I really loved this ripple pattern that i created my own of course after visiting and consulting other blankets in the web. I was struggling with it for a while and when finally understood, it went on smoothly.
   So here are today's morning's snaps of the ripple   blanket progress. Nearly three forth has been done, way to go! I am planning to do at least twenty rows this Saturday/Sunday. Do you have any mission for coming up weekend?;)

I have to repeat myself; I love to visit your blogs. I am addicted to them. I get inspired by your beautiful craft.
If I didn't do that I would soon loose interest in my own blog.
As soon as I see something nice you made I have to make it too or at least a bad copy of it. 
Sounds terrible but it are like that.
Many thanks for been there.



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