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July/August day by day --------Janmashtami

                  July/August-- day by day --Rehana                                                     

Happy Janmashtami greeting to all  on the netThis is not a post on Significance of the festival, this is the explanation of our devotion in spite of Arya Samaaji’s by default (my great grandfather adopted AryaSamaj and was elected as president in a conference held at our Village Kharkari Makhwan  in the year1907). Later after the death of my grandfather’s younger brother, he left home and became a Bhajani and joined Bhajan Mandali I was born in  Pune my father was in Air Force. Basically I was born in a sahukar family of Haryana  and bred in a conservative, joint family(we used to visit our home  village  regularly . I  have enjoyed living together with my siblings and cousins under one roof learning good values of sharing, devotion to God and I grew up right under the gaze of local deity at Tosham   .but most of the time I used to live with my father at different city’s IAF complexes with my Krishna   devotee father, that’s why     I grew up being a staunch devotee of this Lord Krishna  who steals the heart of his bhaktas. The lovely face of Krishna with doe eyes,   His Pitambara , the peacock feather which added the extra grace, the magical flute which cast a  spell on his Gopikas in Dwarka   captivated my fancy too.   This is one God whom I feel I can stay connected to. Though it was only Bhaya-bhakthi in the childhood towards God. I have started realizing he is right within me like a constant companion.  

Lord Krishna
( Kheer, Churma )
I will be conducting the worship today evening. It would be a simple worship and would be

offering  Prasad ( goodies) many of which I have mentioned above and would end with an  Aarti.

 I only enjoy all the Prasad after 12:00 at night. The hole day used to be the fast day the feast

comes later after the midnight.

We should not be afraid of God. Our conscience must be clear and we must be able to share love or whatever we have to realize the strength of God within us. I don’t expect that God will appear in front of me if I do a tapasya, from where will he appear when He is within me? If we cannot love others whole-heartedly that means I am not loving myself.
I enjoy, preparing Haryanvi  relics ( Kheer, Churma ) and  decorating our parlour   with Photos, paintings of Lord Krishna, one being the most precious, a gift from my father which I attach a lot of sentiments. 

As I described in the paragraph above my father himself was a great devotee of Krishna and he uused to sit    in front of a photo of Krishna for his praaters ( Murali Krishna) in our house, a tradition which is still continuing.
 Janmashtam is always a grand festival in my paternal house as the house becomes a beehive of activity on that day. Prasad like    halwa, til laddu, sugarcane mixed with soaked bengalgram, kheer, dryfruits and fresh fruits and God’s favourite , sweetened butter are offered to the Lord .The preparation of all the prasada items and food for all the family members was solely prepared by my mom with we children chipping in with a minuscule of what she did. Hats off to her. I think she drew all the energy from the devotion she had for the Lord. I do not stand anywhere near her in terms of the kind of work she did.

 Festivals are time for indulging in sweets and lip smacking goodies. So when I say Lord resides in me we should really eat and enjoy so that it reaches the God. This is my philosophy.

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