Monday, August 18, 2014


Today it is exactly 17 days ago  the world's most beautiful Rehana was born. 2 days   before term, but a finished and just the right length and heavy. Since then, life in the 1008 ABC     revolved around the new queen, and we do pretty much as she commands - which has proved manageable, since this cutie is mostly pretty easy to please. It is sleeping byssing,  singing, changing,   and all that that baby life consists of. 

 The cushions on the sofa stands at half past eleven hour, they get increasingly a game in the washing after   being subjected to a gulp or urine turgid nappies have found themselves nestled in the corners, the dishes will be an hour and living room floor filled with her bedding pieces.   Focus is on the little sofa queen. who sits leisurely on her sheepskin, surrounded by two cliffs in love parents. buaas and dadi who are unable to take your eyes wonder.

We are so very grateful for our child, and have to pinch ourselves in the arm several times each day to see that she is actually ours.
It has struck us that perhaps it is more than self-centered to constantly brag so unrestrained on the inside hemp cute this kid is, considering that she is a product  of   my son and d-in-law . Rehan  is actually far the world's most beautiful. 

When it comes to images of the world most beautiful, so we have (illogically enough, since after all she is so cute) decided to avoid dividing her face on the Internet at this time. I think though it's really fun to see pictures of other people's children online, but for several reasons, we have decided to keep our child on the net an here she is in different poses.

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