Saturday, October 11, 2014

cushions and magazine holder

This summer I stitched a pair of Silk embroidered pillows for my daughter’s new home. You may recognize the patterns. The color is "maroon" in each of these photos, in oddly inconsistent ways (both fabrics are actually the same color, and I used the same threads for both), but the right-hand pillow in the first photo is probably the closest, albeit a tad darker than reality.

 And I made a magazine holder for her
My daughter was requesting me to make her a magazine holder which I made years bak and was featured in one of the leading Hindi magazine.
I made this   beautiful fabric  magazine holder  using scraps of red and blue cheque fabric from  my stash . Its machine washable, with demounting the steel  on the top that can be used to attach it to the wall.
 A unique and colorful way to keep your magazines or newspapers from taking over the house. Isn’t it beautiful? 
fabric magazine holder


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